Using A Multi-Institutional Pediatric Learning Health System to Identify Patients with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and Lupus Nephritis

Author/Co Author: Scott E. Wenderfer, Joyce C. Chang, Amy Goodwin Davies, Ingrid Y. Luna, Rebecca Scobell, Cora Sears, Bliss Magella, Mark Mitsnefes, Brian R. Stotter, Vikas R. Dharnidharka, Katherine D. Nowicki, Bradley P. Dixon, Megan Kelton, Joseph T. Flynn, Caroline Gluck, Mahmoud Kallash, William E. Smoyer, Andrea Knight, Sangeeta Sule, Hanieh Razzaghi, L. Charles Bailey, Susan L. Furth, Christopher B. Forrest, Michelle R. Denburg and Meredith A. Atkinson

Establishing the content validity of PROMIS Pediatric pain interference, fatigue, sleep disturbance, and sleep-related impairment measures in children with chronic kidney disease and Crohn’s disease

Author/Co Author: Christopher B. Forrest, Kathryn D. Forrest, Jennifer L. Clegg, Anna de la Motte, Sandra Amaral, Andrew B. Grossman, Susan L. Furth 

Using Electronic Health Record Data to Rapidly Identify Children with Glomerular Disease for Clinical Research

Author/Co Author: Denburg, Michelle R.; Razzaghi, Hanieh; Bailey, L. Charles; Soranno, Danielle E.; Pollack, Ari H.; Dharnidharka, Vikas R.; Mitsnefes, Mark M.; Smoyer, William E.; Somers, Michael J. G.; Zaritsky, Joshua J.; Flynn, Joseph T.; Claes, Donna J.; Dixon, Bradley P.; Benton, Maryjane; Mariani, Laura H.; Forrest, Christopher B.; Furth, Susan L.

Skeletal Outcomes in Children and Young Adults with Glomerular Disease

Author/Co Author: Goodwin Davies, Amy J.; Xiao, Rui; Razzaghi, Hanieh; Bailey, L. Charles; Utidjian, Levon; Gluck, Caroline; Eckrich, Daniel; Dixon, Bradley P.; Deakyne Davies, Sara J.; Flynn, Joseph T.; Ranade, Daksha; Smoyer, William E.; Kitzmiller, Melody; Dharnidharka, Vikas R.; Magnusen, Brianna; Mitsnefes, Mark; Somers, Michael; Claes, Donna J.; Burrows, Evanette K.; Luna, Ingrid Y.; Furth, Susan L.; Forrest, Christopher B.; Denburg, Michelle R

Evaluating Kidney Function Decline in Children with Chronic Kidney Disease Using a Multi-Institutional Electronic Health Record Database

Author/Co Author: Gluck, Caroline A.; Forrest, Christopher B.; Davies, Amy Goodwin; Maltenfort, Mitchell; Mcdonald, Jill R.; Mitsnefes, Mark; Dharnidharka, Vikas R.; Dixon, Bradley P.; Flynn, Joseph T.; Somers, Michael J.; Smoyer, William E.; Neu, Alicia; Hovinga, Collin A.; Skversky, Amy L.; Eissing, Thomas; Kaiser, Andreas; Breitenstein, Stefanie; Furth, Susan L.; Denburg, Michelle R.

Dipping at home: is it better, easier, and more convenient? A feasibility and acceptability study of a novel home urinalysis using a smartphone application

Author/Co Author: Daniella Levy Erez; Hannah Derwick; Susan Furth; Lance Ballester; Stephanie Omuemu; Yonathan Adiri; Jonah Mink; Michelle Denburg